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War Chess
War Chess
Lottso! Deluxe
Lottso! Deluxe
Match, Scratch and Win!
Battleship: Fleet Command
Battleship: Fleet Command
It`s the classic game of navel strategy!
Toy Golf
Toy Golf
Golf at home!
Slingo Quest Amazon
Slingo Quest Amazon
Take on Slingo Quest Amazon!

Here are time management games like Campgrounds: The Endorus Expedition, Daycare Nightmare, Fairy Maids, Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands, Be a King, etc. You can download all time management games and try them. Please write your impressions about the games you play and post your mini-reviews on the review pages of the games.

  • Campgrounds: The Endorus Expedition
    Construct campsites for stalwart explorers to stay safe and warm as they join you and Addie in an expedition across long forgotten lands.
  • Daycare Nightmare
    Daycare Nightmare (Time Management game)
    Baby monsters need your loving care or their moms will make you dinner! Can you care for cute little beasties?
  • Fairy Maids
    Fairy Maids (Time Management game)
    Even the happiest of storybook creatures have their messy habits and dirty laundry. Become the cleaning fairy!
  • Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands
    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (Time Management game)
    Go on a new adventure with Iris and Robin and help them win the Magical Tournament in Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands!
  • Be a King
    Be a King (Time Management game)
    Be a King and create your empire from scratch! Build and maintain villages, towns, and even big cities, as you rule the land.
  • Youda Survivor 2
    Youda Survivor 2 (Time Management game)
    Go back to the island where it all began and see if you are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Become an incredible hero!
  • Finders
    Finders (Time Management game)
    Carve a path through an unforgiving wilderness to rescue a hero trapped by a villain!
  • Supermarket Management 2
    Supermarket Management 2 (Time Management game)
    Start as the owner and the only worker of a small roadside shop and end up a successful manager of your own hypermarket!
  • Little Folk of Faery
    Little Folk of Faery (Time Management game)
    Discover a small village of fairy creatures and embark on a fascinating adventure! Help the inhabitants to restore their world!
  • Be Richer
    Be Richer (Time Management game)
    Earn your riches in the real estate market in this Time Management game. Construct whole neighborhoods in Be Richer!

All time management games are free to download. You can download any of time management games listed here for free and play them for sixty minutes for free.

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