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Epic Slots: Rock Hero
Epic Slots: Rock Hero
Take your band to the top!
The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure
The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure
A delightful Match 3 game!
3D Mahjong Deluxe
3D Mahjong Deluxe
Take Mahjong to the 3rd dimension!
Cathy's Caribbean Club
Cathy's Caribbean Club
The Caribbean tourists need you!
Relax with some unique tile matching.

Here are puzzle games like The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure, Meum-Trail, Heroes of Kalevala, Easter Riddles, Legend of Fae, etc. You can download all puzzle games and try them. Please write your impressions about the games you play and post your mini-reviews on the review pages of the games.

  • The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure
    To prove she's the rightful heir to the throne, Elisa must conquer a fearsome dragon and bring down a wicked witch!
  • Meum-Trail
    Meum-Trail (Puzzle game)
    Take good care of your Meums! Find the ancient city and restore the harmonic co-existence of all animals living on planet Meotom.
  • Heroes of Kalevala
    Heroes of Kalevala (Puzzle game)
    Choose your hero and match your tribe to glory in the lands of Kalevala. Build your own villages and unlock beautiful worlds!
  • Easter Riddles
    Easter Riddles (Puzzle game)
    A game and a brain teaser in one! The new Easter Riddles is a great way to spend an evening improving your mind!
  • Legend of Fae
    Legend of Fae (Puzzle game)
    After her peaceful island is invaded by strange creatures, Claudia must find her uncle in Legend of Fae, an incredible Match 3 game!
  • Tales of Lagoona 2: Peril at Poseidon Park
    Return to the undersea world of Lagoona and save Poseidon Park from closing down!
  • Jewel Match
    Jewel Match (Puzzle game)
    Align colorful, dazzling jewels and break them out of their sturdy gold boxes in this relaxing and mesmerizing matching game.
  • Caribbean Jewel
    Caribbean Jewel (Puzzle game)
    Help the Pirate Captain find his missing fiancée and retrieve the stolen treasure map!
  • Travel Riddles: Trip to Greece
    Travel to Greece, the home of western civilization and uncover the secrets of this beautiful country!
  • Lost in Reefs: Antarctic
    Complete Match 3 levels as you search for a lost civilization.

All puzzle games are free to download. You can download any of puzzle games listed here for free and play them for sixty minutes for free.

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