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Sudoku Latin Squares
Sudoku Latin Squares
Fun by number!
Make your way around these puzzles!
Midnight Pool 3D
Midnight Pool 3D
Rack `em up and sink `em down!
Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition
Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition
Follow the Candy Land path to the Fiesta!
Pyramid Pays Slots II
Pyramid Pays Slots II
Dive into Pyramid Pays Slots II!

Here are action games like Sky Taxi 3: The Movie, My Singing Monsters, Toy Defense 2, Nab-n-Grab, Tennis in the Face, etc. You can download all action games and try them. Please write your impressions about the games you play and post your mini-reviews on the review pages of the games.

  • Sky Taxi 3: The Movie
    Sky Taxi 3: The Movie (Action game)
    Run, jump and double jump your way through dozens of side-scrolling levels, stomping on enemies and collecting goodies as you go!
  • My Singing Monsters
    My Singing Monsters (Action game)
    Collect, breed, and listen to your monsters sing, you have never seen a game like this before!
  • Toy Defense 2
    Toy Defense 2 (Action game)
    Lead your army to the Victory in Toy Defense 2!
  • Nab-n-Grab
    Nab-n-Grab (Action game)
    Make your way around the world catching sea life and visiting the continents in this fishing-themed arcade game
  • Tennis in the Face
    Tennis in the Face (Action game)
    Get ready for some hilarious ragdoll-smashing, ball-bouncing action in Tennis in the Face!
  • Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling
    Get a perfect score in Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling! Work your way through different alleys and master this fun game!
  • Drawn: Dark Flight ®
    Drawn: Dark Flight ® (Action game)
    A kingdom’s future rests in the light of three beacons. Can they be lit in time? Will the shadows be cast into light?
  • Luxor 2
    Luxor 2 (Action game)
    Matching and marble-popping action will captivate you in this unique Egyptian-themed puzzler.
  • The Poppit! Show
    The Poppit! Show (Action game)
    Pop your way to the top in this TV-themed puzzler!
  • Oozi Earth Adventure
    Oozi Earth Adventure (Action game)
    Help Oozi find his way home in Oozie: Earth Adventure! This classic 2D platformer offers old school gameplay, but with modern visuals and hand-drawn art.

All action games are free to download. You can download any of action games listed here for free and play them for sixty minutes for free.

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