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Sudoku Adventure
Sudoku Adventure
Ideal for both beginners and masters!
Classic Sudoku gameplay with a twist!
Explore exotic locales one word at a time.
Picket Fences
Picket Fences
Trump the neighbors in Picket Fences!
Once Upon a Time in Chicago
Once Upon a Time in Chicago
A fun lotto game set in 1930s Chicago!

Here are games like The Story of Gimli, Runaway Express Mystery, Danse Macabre: Crimson Cabaret Collector's Edition, Strike Solitaire 3 Dream Resort, Mystery Trackers: Blackrow's Secret, etc. You can download all games and try them. Please write your impressions about the games you play and post your mini-reviews on the review pages of the games.

  • The Story of Gimli
    Embark on a mysterious journey with Gimli! Help him find treasure in the ancient caves and prove to his kin that he is the best warrior!
  • Runaway Express Mystery
    When her children are kidnapped by a mysterious conductor, a mother jumps on an antique train and finds herself surrounded by unusual passengers.
  • Danse Macabre: Crimson Cabaret Collector's Edition
    Tragedy strikes a popular Parisian cabaret when their star dancer is murdered! Gather the suspects and unmask the killer.
  • Strike Solitaire 3 Dream Resort
    Two of your games are now available as one: solitaire and bowling! Relax with your favorite games at the resorts of your dreams!
  • Mystery Trackers: Blackrow's Secret
    You're about to uncover the secret that's been haunting Blackrow!
  • Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan Collector's Edition
    Prove the innocence of a young queen before she is put to death for a crime she didn't commit!
  • Death and Betrayal in Romania: A Dana Knightstone Novel
    Can you escape from the grasp of a lovestruck ghost?
  • Bella Design
    It's time to open your own fashion boutique! Discover the wonderful world of fashion in the new Bella Design game!
  • Pirate's Solitaire 2
    Play the new Pirate Solitaire right on the shores of Britain! Outplay seasoned sea dogs and prove that you're the best of the best!
  • Rush Hour! Gas Station
    Your Uncle Tony needs you now more than ever! He's just spent all his savings on his lifetime dream: running his own gas station!

All the games are free to download. You can download any of the games listed here for free and play them for sixty minutes for free.

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