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Sudoku Adventure
Sudoku Adventure
Ideal for both beginners and masters!
Once Upon a Time in Chicago
Once Upon a Time in Chicago
A fun lotto game set in 1930s Chicago!
G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor
G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor
Possible haunting or clever hoax?
Brain Games: Chess
Brain Games: Chess
Enjoy the classic game of Chess!
Scrapbook Paige
Scrapbook Paige
Get creative and find hidden objects!

Here are games like Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition, Caribbean Jigsaw, Phenomenon: Outcome, Magic Bookshop: Mahjong, The Tiny Tale 2, etc. You can download all games and try them. Please write your impressions about the games you play and post your mini-reviews on the review pages of the games.

  • Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition
    After a long journey, Queen Sophia faces her enemy for the last time - but will she succeed in saving her parents?
  • Caribbean Jigsaw
    Caribbean Jigsaw (Puzzle game)
    Solve the puzzles of an old pirate and find the treasure! Challenge yourself by adjusting the game mode and puzzle pieces.
  • Phenomenon: Outcome
    Phenomenon: Outcome (Hidden Objects game)
    Travel to South America to investigate a deadly cosmic force. Can you uncover the secrets of the missing research team?
  • Magic Bookshop: Mahjong
    A new fantastic Mahjong adventure awaits you in this epic story of the struggle between good and evil!
  • The Tiny Tale 2
    The Elven kingdom is in great danger! Can you find the remaining holy shrines to save the kingdom from the Evil Necromancer?
  • Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Under the Crimson Moon Collector's Edition
    Is Martha really a werewolf - or has she been wrongly accused?
  • Lost Souls: Timeless Fables
    Set out with Bella in search of her brother through the pages of well-known novels and true stories.
  • Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Collector's Edition
    The rat catcher's after more than rats this time. He's kidnapping fairy folk!
  • Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown
    Your librarian friend wants your help as a journalist – he’s found an ancient book that is still unfinished. Can you save the world in the book before their story ends?
  • Mystic Saga
    Mystic Saga (Mystery game)
    Reveal the secrets of the past, find ancient scrolls, and find out about the prophecy ancestors!

All the games are free to download. You can download any of the games listed here for free and play them for sixty minutes for free.

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